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Alex J. Guaña

Producer and Office lead | Whitecoat Productions PTE LTD

Stephanie consistently surpasses our performance expectations and operates with a high level of efficiency, facilitating expedited project deliveries to our clients. Her capacity for self-direction and creative problem-solving is a valuable asset, consistently yielding exceptional outcomes. Engaging Stephanie instils confidence in the quality of work produced, providing assurance of a reliable and skilled contributor to our projects.


Jamie Lo

Creative Director

I got to work with Stephanie as a motion designer for 1 year. I enjoyed my time working with Stephanie on a number of projects and came to know her as a great asset to any team. She is honest and dependable. Beyond that, she is willing to go a step further to improve her skill in every task she has been tasked with.


Ng Keyuan

Head of Motion Graphic Department | Little Red Ants Creative Studio​

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Stephanie from Little Red Ants Creative Studio. Impressed by her abilities and work ethic, we extended her month-long contract into a 5-month long engagement.

I had the chance to witness how Stephanie performed as a motion graphic artist. She integrated seamlessly into our team, as she is someone who will go the extra mile to help her teammates. Her cheerfulness and positive energy are infectious.

Equipped with a keen sense for good aesthetics and an inquisitive creative mind, Stephanie excelled in the graphic design and animation projects tasked to her. The results often exceeded my own expectations. Apart from her professional skills, I have been consistently impressed with her.


William Loh

Director | Createurs Productions Pte. Ltd.​

Stephanie has worked in my company in various roles, as a video editor, visual designer and motion designer on many genres of projects ranging from corporate videos, concert productions, event videos and design work for live events and performances.

Some of the companies and brands that she has done work for with our company include Nike, Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO), TnT and FedEx. Her knowledge of animation and post-production skills was a huge asset to our company as she was able to provide quality work within a short period of time. She has always shown commitment to any project big or small, and was always a reliable asset to our team. Being a naturally creative person, she is flexible with her work and is able to work within strict restrictions from many of our corporate clients. On all occasions, clients have given fantastic feedback on her work.



John Tay

Co-Founder | Secret Hideout​

Stephanie has worked with my company, as a Motion Graphics Designer for a period of time. I enjoyed my time working with Stephanie and recognize her as a great asset to my company.


Through the different projects in which we have worked together, I am confident in my assessment that she is highly dependable with a strong professional work ethic. Inquisitive by nature, she always strives to learn something new.


Apart from that, she is also willing to listen to advice given by the team, while providing valuable insights that helped the various projects to a successful completion. She also doesn't mind sharing her knowledge of motion design and expertise in animations with the team, working together to solve the problem. With every project, Stephanie is highly meticulous in taking note of the detailed requirements to ensure that the animation works are executed flawlessly.

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